Consultancy – Mercy Corps

Purpose of the Consultancy
It is against this background that Mercy Corps Tanzania intends to recruit a consultant or team of consultants to support its program team and their UDSM partner to:
Refine two already existing training manuals to include rights-based approaches to P/CVE, and apply the usage of the whole society approach in engaging communities to address VE within the manuals
Support Mercy Corps and UDSM to train national ToTs on the usage, applicability, and best practices for the developed manuals and guidelines. ToTs will later be used by Mercy Corps and UDSM to train government officials and other stakeholders from the national to the community level during program implementation.
2.1 Technical Scope and deliverables

The consultant’s technical scope of work will entail:
Refine two training P/CVE manuals: manuals mentioned above will be refined to reflect a whole of society and rights-based approach to P/CVE.
Training of ToTs: Upon finalizing the first deliverable, the consultant will support the training of ToTs from different sectors on how to use the manuals and guidelines according to the needs of specific ToTs. The training will also include a session on conflict sensitivity.
Field work: The consultant will work remotely to support Mercy Corps Tanzania and UDSM and may be invited to come to Tanzania for the training of ToTs after approval from GoT.
Time Frame
The consultancy will be conducted over 30 working days, staggered over a month’s period, as proposed below:
Baseline Survey Activity & Proposed Duration
Familiarize with project documents and scope – 2 days
Refining training manuals – 10 days
Training of trainers – 3 days
Total Days – 15 days
The consultancy will commence immediately upon signing of the contract.
Consultant Management
The consultant will report to CREATE’s Country Coordinator, and work closely with the Mercy Corps and UDSM team. The Country Coordinator will track progress of the various activities under the consultancy.

Confidentiality and Authorship
Ownership and copyright of all material, drafts and final products of the manual and guideline will be the sole and exclusive property of Mercy Corps. The consultant will submit all original documents, materials to Mercy Corps. Therefore, all the outputs of the consultancy will not be disseminated in part or whole without express authority from CREATE’s Team Leader. The consultant shall not produce information in these materials in any form (electronic, hard copies, etc.) to a third party without a written permission from CREATE’s Team Leader.
Administration and Payment arrangements
The consultant(s) will be responsible for their logistic including accommodation and per diem. Mercy Corps Tanzania can provide support in arranging logistics.
Applicants are therefore expected to submit their technical and financial proposals, inclusive of withholding tax, for the entire exercise. All withholding tax amounts will be deducted from the total amount at source (i.e. by Mercy Corps) as per the Government of Tanzania regulations. Payments to the consultant will be phased out based on delivery of the agreed products as follows:

Deliverable – Percentage payable
An inception report acceptable to Mercy Corps – 10%
Submission of the final drafts for the manual and guidelines – 50%
Training of the trainers – 40%

Required Skills, Experiences and Competences
Mercy Corps is looking for a consultant who has the following requirements:
A PhD or a masters’ degree qualification from a recognised university in any of the following areas: sociology, peace studies, conflict resolution, peacebuilding, development studies or any other relevant field.
Demonstrable experience in leading teams in developing curriculum and training for similar themed resilience programmes in Eastern Africa, Tanzania in particular.
Must have good understanding of fragility and resilience programmes. Preference will be given to those who have a good understanding of P/CVE programmes.
Solid methodological and curriculum development skills, demonstrated through a list of manuals and guideline pieces and training.
Excellent report writing skills, demonstrated by a list of published articles or reports.
Excellent analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills.
Proficiency in written and spoken English. Swahili is an added advantage.
Ability to work collaboratively with multiple individuals and groups.
Ability to train ToTs from different levels and on sensitivity matters.
Ability to produce high quality work under tight timeframes
Preference will be given to those who have conducted similar assignments in Tanzania and the region.

Method of Application
Interested consultants are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for delivery of the assignment. The EOI should include:
The consultant’s understanding of the terms of reference and a work-plan.
A financial proposal detailing the consultant’s costs and any other costs anticipated in undertaking the consultancy.
Detailed CV of the consultant with a full description of the profile and experience, including a list of previous work.
A copy of relevant work that speaks to the consultants’ ability to perform the expected deliverables.
The application, written in English, should be submitted to Mercy Corps before 5:00 PM (EAT) on 31st October 2020. Applications should be addressed to