Motor Transport Officer – ATCL

Entry Qualifications
The following are the qualifications for aspired candidates: –
Must have BachelorDegree/Advanced Diploma in Transport and Logistics Management or equivalent qualifications.
Must have valid Driving Licence.
Must have experience of at least three (3) years in the field.

Duties and Responsibilities
Transport Service
To be responsible for planning and budgeting of motor vehicle fleet utilization and replacement.
Preparation of flight crew transportation roster.
Determine transport requirements from other Directorates or Units and schedule transport services to meet them.
Monitor the fleet management system and recommend proper action.

Ensure motor vehicle insurance covers are up to date.
Ensure other motor vehicle statutory dues are paid on time to avoid legal repercussions.
Ensure Vehicle Log Books are properly recorded by every Driver and reported issues are addressed on time.
Keep Drivers Licenses records and ensuring that they are always valid.
Vehicle Maintenance and Services
Oversee regular inspection of motor vehicle and maintenance.
Ensure motor vehicles’ schedule of maintenance are properly complied.
Ensure records of all transactions with regard to ATCL motor vehicle are submitted to the ATCL Registry for filing.
Report to Supervisor all motor vehicle accidents whenever they occur and liaise with Traffic Officer and Insurance for compensation.
Ensure cost efficient operation of the fleet.
Supervising Drivers
Ensure that Drivers conduct in a way as provided in the ATCL HR Policy and guidelines of the ATCL Fleet Management Policy.
Review Fleet Management System reports to ascertain Drivers behaviour while at work and initiating action.
Conducting regular Drivers’ meetings and address issues to the Supervisor for further action.
Follow up and provide guidance to the Drivers while at work.
Ensure Drivers entitlements which are linked to the operations are prepared on time and submitted to the relevant authority for processing.
Fuel Management
Preparation of fuel consumption report and initiating payment to the fuel supplier.
Review of fuel consumption reports and provide recommendations.
Supervisedrivers on better practices of minimizing fuel consumption.

Five (5) years contract and attractive remuneration and fringe benefits as per ATCL Scales and Incentive Scheme.

Method of Application
Interested applicants must submit a dully signed letter for consideration of the applications attached with the following:
Internship training and apprenticeship will not be considered as relevant working experience.
For DRIVER GRADE II post, the applicants must indicate one preferred LOCATION, in the application letter.

Application letters should reach the undersigned within 7 working days from the first date of this announcement: –
P.O. BOX 543,
The deadline for submitting the application is 31 August, 2020.