Tanzania Communications Associate – UNHCR

Responsibility (process and functions undertaken to achieve results)
Support the implementation of communications strategies for countries, situations and special projects within the area of responsibility; help identify thematic priorities and target audiences to meet UNHCR’s global, regional and country-level communications objectives of leading the narrative, generating empathy and mobilizing action for forcibly displaced and stateless people.
Monitor news and popular trends to insert UNHCR’s messaging into ongoing conversations; identify key moments for proactive communications.
Help forge strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations who can help produce and promote UNHCR content, activities and messaging as well as provide research insights to improve communications; promote the work of engaged businesses and civil society actors.
Support the development of news-driven and authoritative content to lead the narrative on forced displacement and show UNHCR’s impact (e.g. interviews, press releases, flagship reports, speeches), create emotive storytelling to generate empathy (e.g. stories, multimedia content) and mobilize action by signposting concrete steps people can take to help refugees (e.g. digital diplomacy, action-driven campaigns, fundraising).
Help ensure that content created reaches maximum impact by supporting the development of strategies for distribution from the outset, boosting the visibility of out content on relevant UNHCR channels and placing it on external channels.
Help monitor the implementation of communications projects and adjust accordingly.
Assist in research, preparation, editing and production of professional media and communications materials for target audiences and ensure their timely dissemination via UNHCR’s communications channels, ensuring highest quality standards.
Continually maintain and upgrade communications skills, keeping abreast of emerging platforms and tools, and systematically reviewing media impact results and other measurement tools for learning purposes.
May be required to assist in implementation of campaigns, events and other initiatives in support of UNHCR’s strategic objectives, including its need for a leading share of voice on refugee and related matters.
May be required to undertake missions and field trips with media and other official visitors in support of UNHCR and its work.
Perform other related duties as required.
Authority (decisions made in executing responsibilities and to achieve results)
Liaise with external partners and local organizations on behalf of UNHCR. Produce reports and briefings for internal and external partners.**
Essential & Desirable Minimum Requirements:
Education: Completion of High school diploma with certificate/training in Journalism, Social Sciences, Humanities or related fields.
Work Experience: Minimum 6 years of previous relevant professional job experience.

Desirable Qualifications and Competencies:**
Excellent computer skills and knowledge of MS Office applications. Excellent drafting skills.
Experience implementing communications strategies. Professional writing and editing skills. Experience working on advocacy campaigns.
Functional Skills
Drafting and editing content for International Organizations
CO-International Media Contacts
CO-Journalism (incl. print, broadcast, photography, video, layout & graphics)
ER-Digital channels including social media, website, mobile, email and online advertising
CO-Video production for digital platforms (including news organizations)
CO-Web publishing and content management
Multimedia content production skills
Language Requirements
Excellent knowledge of English and Kiswahili (written/ oral/ comprehension).
Working knowledge in French and/or another UN language is an advantage.
Competency Requirements
All jobs at UNHCR require six core competencies and at least three cross-functional competencies.

Core Competencies:
Organizational Awareness
Teamwork & Collaboration
Commitment to Continuous Learning
Client & Result Orientation
Cross-Functional Competencies:
Analytical Thinking
Innovation and Creativity
Political Awareness

How to apply
Qualified applicants should express their interest by completing the attached new UNHCR Personal History Form and its Supplementary if necessary. Please note that submission of the Personal History Form which is not signed may render the application ineligible for consideration. Please quote the Vacancy Notice Number and Position title.

The Expression of Interest for the position should be sent only by Email to:
Admin/Finance Officer
UNHCR Field Office Kibondo
Email: tankbva@unhcr.org