Carpenter Signage Finishing – Zenith Media – Dar Es Salaam

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
General Signage Finishing
Cutting, bending, sticking, attaching materials such as acrylics, forex, corex, MDF’s, alucobond, metal, wood, and etcetera to make various types of signs .
Attaching printed materials to signs for example, backlit flex to light box, vinyl to signboards, and etcetera.
Installing signage on-site.
Communicating with Signage Manager & Operator regarding progress of jobs.
Communicating with Signage Manager and Operator(s) to increase productivity and efficiency and to cut waste.
Using finishing equipment such as drills, grinders, heat guns and etcetera to work on and complete jobs.

Signage Finishing Carpentery
Make innovative furniture or furniture parts as per the design.
Fixing furniture.
Making wooden components for signage.
Fabricating wooden signs.
Painting and polishing finished works.
Using and knowing how to use carpentry machines.
Install finished work on-site.

Keeping the relevant work space organized and clean.
Following safe practices and adhering to safety standards (as stated in policies and procedures).
Attend training as and when specified by company.
Attend meetings when required.
To undertake self-development relevant to the position.
To complete other tasks as required by the company
Dimensions/Territory/Scope/Scale indicators: The responsibilities of this position extend to and are within the domain of the Signage department.
Date and other relevant internal references: For further information on organizational structure, processes and all other work related rules, regulations, policies and procedures please refer to the ‘Policies and Procedures’ handbook of the Company. If information is not available therein then refer to superior or Directors.

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