Director Of Administration – St. Constantine’s International School

The duties of the Director of Administration shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
Human Resources, Administrative Operations, and Policy Administration:
✦ To develop, manage and co-ordinate the overall functioning of administrative support
systems for the School.
✦ Responsible for overseeing all of the administrative staff and making sure that policies are
in place to ensure that the administrative functions and day-to-day operations of the
School run smoothly.
✦ Develop developmental plans and work with employees to implement and maintain the
goals set out in the developmental plan in addition to supervising any works and
renovations at the School.
✦ Advise the Board on contracts and agreements and supply contracts with
vendors/suppliers and follow through the execution of these contracts.
✦ Coordinate with the Human Resources Officer to oversee human resource policies and
practices with respect to recruiting, compensation, benefits, performance evaluations,
career development, and employee performance feedback.
✦ Assist the Headmaster and Human Resources Officer, where the need so arises, in the
recruitment of staff.

Business Strategic Planning, Budgeting, and Financial Management:
✦ Develop and manage all aspects of the departmental budget including drafting
/preparation, submission, maintenance, reporting.
✦ Internal Audits of Records- be responsible for the preparation and submission of all School
records to the Headmaster and the Board prior to final submission to the external
auditors for final Auditing.
✦ Coordinate with the Finance Department to manage administrative budgets, plan and
report on the disbursement of funds.
✦ Monitor operating expenses and oversee the preparation of detailed reports on
expenditure in different departments at the School that will be provided to the
headmaster and the Board when ever required.
✦ Participate in departmental strategic planning ensuring that the developed goals align
with the Boards approved goals, and contribute toward market growth, revenue
enhancement, cost containment whilst maximizing productivity.
✦ Establish and maintain effective internal controls for finance, administration and human
✦ Identify and seize opportunities to improve fiscal and operational performance of the
✦ Advise the Board monthly in an appropriate executive form, on financial status against
budget and on proposed plans for development whilst reporting on current
developmental project status at the School.
Service Delivery and Quality Improvement
✦ Promote a culture of “Service Excellence” throughout the School.
✦ Set a tone of leadership that is people-oriented, collaborative in nature and focused on
evidence based decision-making.
✦ Build a management culture based on teamwork, open communication, prudent risk
taking, innovation, mentoring and accountability.

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