Operations Manager – Kilombero Valley Teak Company Ltd. (KVTC)

The overall objective of the OM is to provide KVTC with optimum yield, quality, value and productivity of the Processing Operations, Engineering and Vehicle maintenance workshop. The OM will be responsible for the overall performance of the departments that fall under him. The OM must aim at maximizing operational availability of KVTC’s vehicles, plant and equipment and productivity of the Processing operations and as such optimize profit contribution from the Operations department.

The responsibilities of the OM include:
1.. Manage the three departments at KVTC listed below:
a. Processing Operations
i. Log yard and log sales
ii. Green mill operations
iii. Kilns and Drymill
iv. Value Adding Mill:
v. Sawshop and Tool Room
b. Vehicle Workshop
i. Vehicle inspection, rebuild & maintenance
ii. Vehicle tracking
iii. Review the quality and stock of spares & consumables
c. Engineering
i. Plant & equipment maintenance
ii. Provision of utilities
iii. Buildings, housing and grounds maintenance.
iv. Review the quality and stock of spares & consumables.
2.. Security & IT
Maintenance & security of Mavimba internet equipment
Management of Security contractors at Mavimba site
3.. Human Resources
Recruitment and development of members of his team.
Maintenance of a good industrial relations climate in his department
Management of health & safety at work of his subordinates.
4.. Strategic planning
Contribute to the development and implementation of the strategic plan of the company.
5.. Financial management
Preparation of operating expenses and Capex budget for his department.
Monitoring and control of his department’s contribution to the company’s overall financial performance.
6.. Overseeing, implementing and maintaining certification standards according to :
7.. Other
Any other responsibilities and duties that may be assigned from time to time by the CEO
The position is a member of the company’s senior management team and, as such, the OM will be expected to play, where appropriate, a pro-active role in assisting and advising other members of the team.

Certificates in Wood Processing/Forestry or Engineering.
At least 10 years experience in a similar or related role in a senior management position.
Mavimba, Morogoro Region in Tanzania

Method of Application
Applicants should email their CV, copies of certificates and application letter to: kvtc@kvtc-tz.com